Medical Guide Services

Bangkok has one of the best hospitals in the world, Bumrungrad International Hospital. You can read reviews and testimonials all over the web! It is located in Bangkok, one of the world's most-storied and historic cities. Bangkok is exciting, hectic and crowded which, while safe, is amazingly complex.

My role is to facilitate your visit. I know the hospital intimately, the roads, hotels, shops, services, resources and sites. Peace of mind is a large part of any medical condition, and that is what I provide. From the time you leave the airplane, you are escorted by a westerner who will help you smooth the way. This will relieve some of the anxiety associated with medical procedures, especially in a foreign country. As a result, I have initiated this program that makes a difficult situation more comfortable.

After discussing what the prospective client wishes to be achieved medically, and at your option, I would arrange a communication between the prospective client and the specialist doctor at Bumrungrad International Hospital. If the client decides to have a medical procedure performed, I then discuss the options available and make all arrangements from arrival to departure, including transportation and accommodations for outpatients.

Bumrungrad International Hospital is an American managed full service Internationally Accredited hospital.

Some of their Specialty Medicine Centers include

Health Screening
Plastic Surgery
Hair Transplantation
Skin Care and Laser Treatments
Orthopaedic Care
Heart Disease
Ear, Nose and Throat Care
Eye and Eye Laser Refraction
Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrine
Digestive Diseases
Neurology, Neurosurgery


Women's Health
Breast Care
Behavioral Health
Sleep Disorders
Children's Health
Hyperbaric Oxygen
Horizon Cancer Center

Bumrungrad International Hospital is Thailand’s first JCI Accredited Hospital. This 5-star facility is a one-stop, full-service medical center.

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