Emerald Triangle: A rich cultural and geographically beautiful area where the Thailand, Cambodia and Laos borders meet. This active part of Thailand is known for it’s rich culture by Thais, but less so for visitors. It is home to numerous magnificent stone sanctuaries built by the ancient Khmer civilization and restored by Thailand. There are also many national parks, beautiful rivers and mountains that separate the three countries.

Our Cultural Tours

There are many examples of Khmer civilization architecture (like Angkor Wat) in Thailand. Most are conveniently located, safe and accessible. Just look at the photos!

As a member of the Asian Historical Architecture Organization and a longtime resident of the "Emerald Triangle" region, I am a westerner with extensive knowledge of the area and it's dozens of ancient stone sanctuary sites.

The area has numerous short flights from Bangkok daily and this area of Thailand is supported by modern infrastructure (roads, hotels, hospitals, shopping, etc.). Most important are the Thai people and their culture. Gracious, warm and friendly, they live up to their slogan that Thailand is the "Land of Smiles."

Emerald Triangle experience compared to Angkor Wat

Since 1992, when UNESCO designated Cambodia's Angkor Wat as a World Heritage site, tourism there has increased steadily. This premier historical site has attracted thousands of visitors, introducing them to the Khmer culture. Unknown to most of the world is the Khmer cultural road leading from Angkor Wat through mountain passes into Thailand. Our tours, which start in the cities of either Ubon Ratchathani or Bangkok, follow this ancient route,

They include customized full-day guided experiences at the Grand Stone Sanctuaries of Phra Wihan, Sa Kamphaeng Yai, Si Khoraphum, Ta Muean, Mueang Tam, Phanom Rung and Prasat Phimai. Additional stone sanctuaries along this route can be explored. Pha Taem National Park and Kasang Tana National Park are also included and feature 4000-year-old cliff paintings overlooking the Mekong River. Many waterfalls and interesting rock formations are among the other sites visited.

Emerald Triangle Tours has created travel adventures within the Emerald Triangle area of Thailand. All itineraries are designed around World Heritage sites. Scenic National Parks with cultural shows, including regional music and dance with traditional costumes are some of the highlights of this anthropological tour.